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Privacy Statement

As a healthcare provider, Bio-Test Laboratory understands and holds the privacy of utilizers of our services, in the highest regards, throughout all business operations

This website maintains Bio-Test’s privacy policy in the following manner:

Not storing any personal medical information on this website. Authorized access to medical databases is achieved through a secured website protected by various safety measures.
Limiting any required personal information on our website. Personal information is not required nor solicited through our website. Only an email address is required for basic communication such as completing surveys, submitting queries, questions, addressing employment opportunities. No other information is required.
By informing users that ‘clicking’ on a listed website link on this site, is done so on their own initiative. Bio-Test Laboratory is not aware of NOR guarantees the privacy standards (if any) utilized on the on any listed website link.
We welcome feedback and questions regarding our privacy policy. If you need further information or have questions regarding this privacy policy, please send an e-mail to
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.